School Improvement Plan

Consolidated School Improvement Plan

Title I, Part A, Schoolwide and School Improvement

The following information is included in the 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan for Red Rock Elementary School.  If you are interested in receiving a complete version of this plan in print or electronic format, please contact the school office at 509-346-2206. 

Section 1: Building Data

  • Building: Red Rock Elementary School
  • Principal: David Andra
  • District: Royal School District
  • Plan Date: 5/17/19
  • Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) Support Status:  Foundational
  • Grade Span: K-3
  • School Type: Elementary
  • Building Enrollment: 572
  • F/R Percentage: District-wide free & reduced lunch
  • Special Education Percentage: 11.9%
  • English Learner Percentage: 66.6%

Section 2: School Leadership Team Members

Parent-Community Partners:

David Andra, Principal/Leader
Gail Hardman, Assistant Principal
Tanya Wood, Kinder teacher/grade level chair
Larry Bickel, PE Teacher
Julie Soelter, 1st grade teacher/grade level chair
Candy Vermeer, 2nd grade teacher/grade level chair
Shelia Ziegler, 3rd grade teacher/grade level chair
David Skeen, Math Coach
JoAnn Delay, Reading Coach

Section 3: Vision Statement

A tradition of pride and excellence where all are respected, valued, safe and engaged in relevant lifelong learning.

Section 4: Culture of Equity Description/Statement

IIt is our mission to ensure that each child is successful regardless of their external or internal, social or cultural contexts.

Systems of Support

We currently have a high functioning PBIS system. We use PBIS Rewards to provide positive supports throughout the school. This year we have received training on restorative justice and been implementing class circles. Next year we will be implementing Character Strong Curriculum. We will be implementing a new schedule next year that will allow teachers to provide daily intervention/enrichment for all students. We have visited several other local schools this year to see their implementation.

We have identified these areas of strength through systems and data analysis as a leadership team.