Contruction FAQs

Is the entire school going to be complete when school starts?

No, the third and final phase will not be complete before school starts. We had been planning on a few classrooms, the cafeteria, and kitchen taking additional time this fall. Recent delays have caused the office, library, and a few classrooms to also not be completed until this fall.

Where will students go if phase 3 is not complete?

See the additional pages for details on where classes will be. Fortunately, we still have some portables available to help us finish this project. All of kindergarten and first grade will be in the building in our remodeled classrooms. We will have 2 second grade classes and 4 third grade classes in the portables until phase 3 is complete. We will convert a few portables into a cafeteria for serving breakfast and lunch.

If the kitchen isn’t complete, where will the food be prepared?

All of the food will be prepared at the high school kitchen and transported to Red Rock for serving. Satellite serving areas are common in many schools. Students will eat in portables.

Is school going to start on time?

Yes, we are currently planning on starting on time. We have a plan on where our classes will be held. There is still a lot of work to do and some important things to accomplish, but everyone is working hard to make it happen.

What is going on with the parking lot?

There have definitely been some setbacks and delays with the parking lot. Getting everything paved in time will come down to the final few days before school starts. The good news is once the prep is all done, the paving does go quick. Paving around the building happened in 1 day and looks great.

How can I contact the school?

We have set up temporary offices at Royal Intermediate School. You can still call Red Rock’s phone number, 346-2206, or come to Royal Intermediate School. We will transition back to Red Rock right before school starts. See the attached maps on where the office will temporarily be located when school starts.

How can I find out more information?

We will be holding an informational meeting on Tuesday, August 27th at 6:00 PM in the intermediate school cafeteria. We can go over the plan in more detail and answer any questions.

Aerial diagram of Red Rock school and classrooms

Red Rock school building classroom diagram